A powerful story of a woman’s struggle with borderline personality disorder.  Amy courageously unpacks her story and delivers a message of hope. 
I was a very emotional child.  I always wore my feelings on my sleeve, face and everyone around me knew what they were.  I felt so deeply, and romanticized myself as a “dark writer” like Emily or Charlotte Bronte.  How do you know that “things” are not normal when you have no yardstick to compare your life to others?  I always judged other people’s outsides by my insides:  I felt so horrible with no self-esteem, and everyone else was laughing, pretty, joyous, focused, respected by others, and popular.  I managed to make the cut to be a 2-year member of a prestigious performing choral group my last 2 years of high school.  Nothing since then has measured up to that accomplishment in my mind.  (But, after much thought, I have found that 20+ years of sobriety from an addiction has merit, as well.)
At the age of 14, I found that alcohol gave me courage, vivaciousness, attractiveness.  I did not actually drink alcoholically until I was about 22.  When I drank, I did not feel the dull ache of my

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What to do next

Step 1 - Ask Yourself
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