My wife and I sat at dinner a week ago as tension spiked between my two daughters. Someone’s portion of leftover Easter candy outweighed the other’s for dessert. As we attempted to iron out their issue with intense negotiation, I looked over at my wife and thought: Wow, it’s been awhile since she and I have had one of those…
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Blood flushes your face, heart beating, thoughts rushing, as the same frustration blurs around you like an unending carousel. When you married your “happily ever after,” you never imagined driving into the sunset would involve so many road bumps. But here you are at the same impasse, your “happily ever after,” has become your frustration,…
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I checked my bank account and tensed up a little. Whoops, I mean, “our” bank account. As the days to my marriage were sneaking up closer, more and more preparations had been taking place. Pre-marital counseling, wedding dress fittings, and of course, figuring out our finances together and opening a shared bank account. The idea…
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I have always been a pretty confident person. Growing up in a family with nine children, my confidence set me apart from the pack. Every Christmas my father would write our holiday letter, and two phrases were repeatedly used of me in my early years: “a pit bull on red bull” and “tiger meat wrapped…
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Rick Hanson, PhD, looks at the fragility that weaves through life and humanity.  He encourages us to recognize, accept and push through our vulnerability.
The truth of anything is like a mosaic with many tiles, many parts.
One part of the truth of things is that they are robust and enduring, whether it’s El Capitan in Yosemite or the love of a child for her mother and father.
Another part of the truth is that things bruise, tear, erode, disperse, or end – fundamentally, they’re fragile. Speaking of El Capitan, I knew of someone climbing it who had just placed anchors above a long horizontal crack when the sheet of granite he was standing on broke off to fall like a thousand-ton pancake to the valley floor below (he lived, clutching his anchors). Love and other feelings often change in a family. Bodies get ill, age, and die. Milk spills, glasses break, people mistreat you, good feelings fade. One’s sense of calm or worth is easily disturbed. Wars start and then end badly. Planets heat up and hurricanes flood cities. Earthquakes cause tidal waves and damage nuclear reactors.
A life is like a house of cards, and a single gust – a layoff at

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