What is HeartMath?

Biofeedback therapy using HeartMath Interventions is more than learning to relax and breathe. It is learning empowering heart-based living. In other words, learning how to use the power of our heart to promote lasting behavioral and emotional change in our life. Tools and strategies are taught during the HeartMath Intervention that are especially designed and clinically proven to lower stress and increase emotional and physical resilience. As a result of using HeartMath interventions, children, teens and adults experience:

  • less stress and anxiety
  • better sleep and mood
  • more energy and joy
  • greater mental clarity
  • improved intuition and performance
  • increased optimism and concentration
  • greater overall well-being


The goal of HeartMath Interventions is to synchronize the physical, emotional, and mental systems towards coherence. Coherence can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are. Stress levels recede, energy levels increase and our brain and what HeartMath calls the “heart brain” are working together. It is a state of optimal clarity, perception and performance. HeartMath tools and technology have been scientifically proven to help us achieve personal coherence. graph_entrainment_01 Figure from the HeartMath website illustrates what the heart rate variability pattern of frustration and appreciation (coherence).

How is HeartMath Different from Other Stress Management Approaches?

Meditation and Yoga are great stress management approaches, however, most of the time stress occurs when we do not have the luxury of meditating or getting to a yoga class. In session, we will use HeartMath to measure what is going on in your heart and then learn techniques on how to become more coherent. You will be able to actually see changes in your heart rate variability in real time. HeartMath techniques can be used anywhere at anytime and can offer relief within minutes.

Who Can Benefit from Learning the HeartMath Approach?

Anyone who would like to learn the tools needed to reduce stress and overwhelm, increase performance, stop emotional drains to their system, and increase their health and well-being can benefit from learning the HeartMath approach. People suffering from mood issues, chronic or intense feelings of anxiety, sleep disturbances, pain syndromes, attention deficits, addictions and other conditions can also add HeartMath Interventions to their toolkits for superior emotional regulation and natural self-soothing benefits. HeartMath Interventions can help increase the treatment effects of psychotherapy as well. I often combine psychotherapy and HeartMath Interventions in order to help achieve lasting change by changing cognitions and the heart.

HeartMath Technology

6030 emWave Pro with HeartCloudIn session, we will use the emWave Pro to measure coherence. The included games and visualizers can help facilitate learning of the tools and techniques.

For home practice between sessions, you can choose between the emWave 2 portable unit or the Inner Balance unit (iPhone/iPad) that can be synced to my system for review. 6310-BL-CH_emWave2_Combo_Custom 6415 -IBT_Lightning-Detailed DescriptionIBT-box-sensor-iphone-340x340




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