Something is off.  Happiness and peace are eluding you.  Perhaps your relationships continue to self destruct or you simply feel stuck.
Most of us can relate to the experience of being off track.  It could be an unexplainable blip or there is some unfinished business at hand. Let’s say the latter is the case and for whatever reason, going on a therapist seeking mission doesn’t resonate with you for whatever reason (convenience, cost, beliefs about therapy, etc).
You can be your own therapist and do some self-reflective investigation.  It’s important to state that for those in significant distress this may not be enough.  But for others, taking the “be your own therapist” approach can work.  Or at the very least it can help you drill down to what the real issues are for you so that if there is more work needed, you will be clear about where it lies and if you choose therapy, you’ll know just where to start.
Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:
Are there any historical monkeys on my back?
Maybe it’s time to give them some attention.
Painful experiences, particularly involving the ways you were raised and your early years can stick around in ways you might not have ever considered.  “Monkeys” might be


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