My boyfriend and I are together for 2 years . Since we moved together 15 months ago we started to argue and it was over drinking . He gets aggressive and fights with random people, it has happened around 7 times . When he is drunk he looses control, punches doors and the last time he threw a glass at me but he missed, thank God. When he gets sober he cries and says that he gets anxious and knows he shouldn’t drink anymore.  He then says he is sorry and it won’t happen anymore…until it happens again the next weekend or in few weeks.  
I feel that he is mentally ill.  He disrespects me and others. He doesn’t care what others think of him . My parents hate him because I always run to them when he’s drinking. We only fight when he is drunk . He also smokes weed from time to time.  And sometimes he does both, sees no problem with it.
Lisa’s thoughts:
It sounds like you are in a dangerous cycle with your boyfriend and pretty clear that he has issues around substance abuse and mental health.  It’s not uncommon that people who struggle with anxiety, depression,

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What to do next

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