I am currently in a long distant relationship for a little over a year. We have been through numerous ups and downs. Our biggest issue being I used to drink too much and at the beginning when she asked me to get help, I didn’t take it seriously. However, we had a huge argument after a drunken New Years that made me feel like I hit rock bottom and needed the help. I am now 141 days sober, currently attending outpatient rehab, seeing an addiction therapist, occasional AA meetings, etc.
I feel I have been making the necessary changes not only for myself but for my relationship. I have been asking her for the past 7 months to see a therapist. Not only does she have a past history of physical and emotional abuse with not only family but other past relationships, but when we fight she constantly wants to bring up the days of when I was drinking and how she “stuck it out” which is considered her efforts and investments in this relationship.
I feel she never dealt with any of her internal issues which causes us to have horrible communication as well no solid foundation which leads me to

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