Recently me and my boyfriend started college. On the first day he suddenly changed. He didn’t even wait for me but seemed to have more time for my friend. We’ve only been there for two days and yet I feel like he’s losing interest in me. He goes out more and doesn’t express his feelings towards me at all. I hurt him a lot two months ago and I’ve changed a lot to be a better person bug I deal with awful anxiety and depression. I used to be able to talk to him about it, but I’ve become a lot more emotional recently which he seems to have no time for. I know he loves and cares about me as we have good times, he buys me things, tells me he loves me and I also know he wouldn’t be with me if he didn’t care, etc, but I just want to feel at rest, like I’m not going to lose him. He used to be obsessed by me but now he doesn’t seem as bothered? He also told me he hides a lot of how he feels about me as he’s scared to get hurt again. How can

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What to do next

Step 1 - Ask Yourself
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