You love your partner.  And sometimes you make mistakes that hurt your partner.  Some of those mistakes might be from patterns similar to what was modeled to you in your family of origin and the mistakes are inadvertent.  Or sometimes you are simply insensitive  due to fatigue or carelessness. Regardless of the reasons for the relationship undermining behaviors, you know your relationship is important to you and you’re invested in doing things differently.
You’re off to an excellent start.
You probably have been the way you are for a long time  Our personalities are basically set but the meaning we attach to external events and behaviors are pliable, as are the choices we make in how we show up in the world, treat ourselves and behave towards others, particularly those we care the most about.
What this means is that while the notion of changing old habits seems daunting, it’s doable.  And the payoff can be priceless in the form of a more secure relationship connection.
5 Steps to Create Positive Change in Your Marriage or Relationship

Learn to communicate effectively.  Educate yourself about this topic as you will need to practice good communication with your partner.  It’s imperative that you and your partner speak with kindness and sensitivity to

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What to do next

Step 1 - Ask Yourself
Are you ready for something to be different? Can you afford to stay the same? Are you ready to make one of the best investments in your future?
Step 2 - Get Excited
Answering yes is the first step in the journey towards your goals. You are about to take a courageous step that will impact your life and those around you!
By phone - 763-370-5014 or click the link below. I work best with those who are ready and excited to change their life.
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