What are happy people up to?  What do they do that others don’t?  Happiness is not a “one size fits all” but there are a number of things you can work into your life to increase positive emotions and good vibes in your quest for happiness.  Research has given us a solid roadmap to follow so pick what resonates with you from the list below and get moving!
22 Ways Happy People Get Their Groove On

They spend time with people who are reinforcing, reciprocal and generally positive but are also compassionate and loyal when they are struggling.
They stay aware of their emotional health; checking in on their mood states and practicing self compassion when needed.
They recognize their negativity biases and counteract by savoring positive experiences for at least 10 seconds to allow the transfer from short-term to long-term memory.
They do activities they are passionate about or even achieve a state of flow while doing them.
They are attuned to themselves and others.
They avoid over-thinking and social comparison.
They express gratitude freely and openly as studies support it’s strong ties to greater happiness.
They meditate, building an awareness of their inner state and physical body while building resilience and distress tolerance.
They take care of their physical bodies; nutrition, sleep and exercise.

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